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Being a system integrator, LLС EnergyindustryAutomatization, offers different versions of devices in HSS for APCS, TM/DARS systems and ADCS for energy industry facilities.

Software and hardware solutions are developed with the following factors in mind:

  • Standards and requirements for automatic systems;
  • Voltage Grade of the facility;
  • Specific characteristics of the facility;
  • Client's wishes.

Modular approach and open scalable architecture of the HSS gives our Client an ability to choose necessary features from the full set of technical possibilities, while retaining a possibility for further expansion of the system.

1) APCS /ACS for power facilities with Voltage Grade 110 kV or above

Automatic control system is dedicated for high voltage grades facilities managed by JSC FGS UES, JSC RusHydro,  JSC IDGC HOLDING  and other companies. The HSS is based upon bay control units  or RTUs (developed by  LLC EnergyindustryAutomatization) and a full-scale  SCADA system (SCADA NPT Expert).

2) Automation systems for power facilities with Voltage Grade below 110 kV

This HSS is intended for DARS / telemechanics at facilities with Voltage Grade of 0.4 -35 kV, managed by JSC IDGC HOLDING, and some AO-energo facilities.

3) Telemetry and DARS systems for gathering data from several facilities with Voltage Grade 6-110 kV and control of the facilities from remote control room, communication electronics, dispatcher control room (ADCS)

Software solution provides centralized control of several facilities by means of distributed system and connects them into an integral network.

This solution is proposed for managing several substations within single bulk power systems (single-area power systems), at power facilities of JSC IDGC HOLDING and other companies that have several facilities which are close to each other and operates without permanent human presence.