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The offered APCS solution for high Voltage Grade power facilities is SCADA NPT Expert software. This solution suits facilities managed by OAO  FGC UES , JSC RusHydro and other companies.


SCADA NPT Expert allows:

  • acquisition and recording of real-time data of disturbances and steady processes;
  • complex data processing;
  • data backup;
  • display of data in graphical and table forms;
  • control of the power facility;
  • analysis of stabilized processes and disturbances;
  • draw different reports and schedules reflecting the facility's status.



    SCADA NPT Expert includes the following components:


    1) software for station communication and master controller;


    2) server software;


    3) workstation software solutions; 


    4) SCADA NPT Expert  database configuration manager;



    SCADA NPT Expert also includes  SCADA NPT InDev, SCADA NPT Oscl and SCADA Studio software modules. 



    SCADA NPT Expert supports interaction with devices by IEC 61850 standard.