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PTС NPT Expert is a software and hardware complex developed by EnergopromAvtomatizatciya Group of Companies for automated process control systems, telemechanics (TM) systems, technological information exchange systems with the Automated System Operator System, automated control systems (ACS) and collection and transmission systems information (IСЕЫ) of power objects of any voltage classes.

The basis of the complex is SCADA system - SCADA NPT Expert with unique capabilities for integrating microprocessor devices from various manufacturers, as well as supporting various software extension modules, including emergency information analysis modules, automated switching forms and remote telecontrol.



 The NPT Expert software and hardware complex was created in accordance with the peculiarities of energy industry and meets all standards, including the IEC 61850 standard.

In 2017, SCADA NPT Expert software was added to the unified register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases of the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.

Advantages SCADA NPT Expert

  • The modular principle of building system;
  • Short deadlines for software configuration;
  • Intuitive interface with extensive features for self-tuning;
  • Implementation of most of the existing communication protocols, including IEC 61850, ability to integrate devices with non-standard data exchange protocols;
  • Flexible pricing policy;
  • Scalability of the system at any level;
  • Possibility of flexible configuration of the SCADA system for use at different levels of the hierarchy (substation level, EGA level, power supply, etc.);
  •  The construction of the system is carried out with the maximum regard for the characteristics of the object;
  •  Short time providing technical support.



Functions SCADA NPT Expert

  • Collection and registration of information about emergency and steady-state processes in real time;
  • Integrated information processing;
  • Archiving information;
  • Information display in graphic and tabular forms;
  • Management of an energy facility;
  • Analysis of established modes and emergency processes;
  • Creation of various reporting documents and statements on the state of the energy facility.






SCADA NPT Expert includes:

1) Software complex of the station controller for communication and control (SCСС);

2) server software;

3) workstation software solutions; 

Additional SCADA NPT Expert / Plus modules:

✔ support module for automated switching forms;

✔ module of logical information processing. 

SCADA NPT Expert / Plus utility software is a complex of engineering software. 

SCADA NPT Expert for Digital Substation

«Digital Substation» is a technology whose automation and control systems are built on the basis of open IEC 61850 standards using innovative methods of collecting and processing information. The implementation of the technology involves the deep implementation of information and communication technologies for the management of energy facilities.

SCADA NPT Expert supports MMS ISO 9506 protocol in accordance with IEC 61850-8-1. The main purpose of the MMS protocol is the collection of telealarm and telemetry data, as well as the transmission of telecontrol commands. The data model in NPT devices complies with the requirements of IEC 61850. The names of logical nodes are determined in accordance with the Standard and reflect the functions of the power system. This approach provides ease of expansion, modernization of the system and its information integration into upper-level systems, including using the description of the CIM model.

EnergopromAvtomatizatciya Group of Companies carried out the industrial implementation of an innovative complex based on Digital Substation technology at the generating facility of PJSC RusHydro - Nizhny Novgorod Hydroelectric Power Station first in Russia. For the first time, a set of field tests of equipment was carried out at this facility. During the experiment, the collaboration of smart electronic devices of seven domestic and foreign manufacturers according to the IEC 61850 standard was ensured. The devices were integrated into SCADA NPT Expert, and information from them was available on AWP.