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NPT-Series Multifunction Controllers

 In the course of construction of Automatic Process Control Systems (APCS) and Information Acquisition & Transmission Systems (IATS), an important role is played by the equipment used for collecting and processing information: bay controllers, devices for collecting and processing information with a function of operational blocking of breakers etc. EnergopromAvtomatizatsiya LLC has created a series of multifunctional controllers (NPT series), which allow for creation of automation systems of various levels of complexity.


 The NPT series of controllers includes:



Characteristics of Electric Power Supply

  1. NPT-series controllers have a universal power supply input (220 VAC / 220 VDC)

  2. NPT-series controllers function normally in the range of supply voltages from 100 to 375 VDC (inclusive) and from 90 to 264 VDC (inclusive).

  3. Power consumption for DC or AC voltage: not more than 100 VA.


Resistance to Climatic Factors

NPT-series controllers can be ordered in various climatic versions depending on the chosen model.


Operability in the following operating conditions:

  • operating temperature range: -10 to +45 °C except NPT microRTU and NPTMU, the operating temperature range for which is - 20 to + 60 °C;

  • relative humidity: 98 pct at +25 °C (non-condensing);

  • altitude above sea level: up to 1,000 m


The range of NPT-series multifunction controllers complies with the technical requirements of JSC Russian Grids based on the Conclusion of the Certification Commission No. II3-08/14