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IMG_20190703_145930~2 RPA, APCS devices and SS measuring instruments automatic diagostics and servicing efficiency improvement system

Transition to service as RRA devices, APCS and substation measuring instruments


Typing of technical solutions for Digital Substations from the point of view of the designer, equipment manufacturer and integrator


Expert commentary of Head of Department of innovative development, LLC "EnergopromAvtomatizatciya" in column "Local area network". Magazine "Digital substation"

Digital substation implementation: testing and commissioning of automated control system and relay protection with IEC 61850‑8‑1 and 9‑2 on Nizhny Novgorod hydro power plant


 "Approaches to the construction of reliable structure of digital substation".pdf

img349 (2)

"Information technology as a tool for solving problems of regional power production in the transition to Smart Grid". jpg


“Introduction of New Technologies as a Method of Efficient Modernization in Electrical Energy Industry”.jpg



“Design of Digital Substations as an Experience of Efficient Implementation of Innovative Technologies”.jpg



“Current Approaches to Industrial Process Automation”.pdf


LLC EnergyindustryAutomatization: five years of progress and innovation.pdf

LLC EnergyindustryAutomatization will demonstrate new developments.pdf


Mr. Oleg Budargin: "The future of world energy belongs to “smart networks”."jpg

The new standard will lead to smart networks.pdf

Digital substation. Implementation strategy.pdf

Automation of power facilities using the digital substation technology. The first Russian prototype.jpg

LLC EnergyindustryAutomatization: information management systems in control centres of distribution zones and electrical networks of large industrial enterprises.jpg

SCADA Studio is a Digital Substation design automation system.jpg

EnergyindustryAutomatization: results and plans.jpg

The first Russian prototype of a digital substation will appear in December at the Electrical Networks of Russia Exhibition.jpg

As to harmonization of CIM power system model and SCL substation description.pdf

Automation of power facilities using the digital substation technology.pdf

New integrated solutions for substation automation.pdf


Results of LLC EnergyindustryAutomatization activities for 2010. pdf


SCADA Studio is a Digital Substation design automation system.pdf


Ways to provide data in IEC 61850 standard.pdf