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APCS Server Cabinet


The server provides collection and centralized processing, archiving and transfer of data to operators' workstations to make it available to the System's users. SAS server is implemented as a database server where all the data from mid-level hubs is gathered and thus this data covers all the parameters of normal mode of operation, electricity technical metering, microprocessor protection terminals.


  It is possible to combine SAS servers with an automated workstation and / or  telemechanics server into a single control construct.

  •  Ritall Construct (WхDхH; 800х900х2200);
  •  Industrial Server Intel Xeon RAM 2x2Gb LAN-10/100 Mbit - 2 pcs.;
  •  Control keyboard, monitor and mouse;
  •  APC UP;
  •  Windows Operating System;
  •  Network hubs.








UPS Cabinet


The UPS cabinet provides supply of electricity to all the components of SAS /Telemechanics/DARS for 60 minutes or more (depending on a set of batteries used) after main power cut-off.


    • Ritall Construct (WхDхH; 800х600х2200);

    • Automatic throw-over circuit-breaker with 3 inputs;

    • UPS  Symmetra RM 6kVA Scalable to 6kVA N+1 220-240V;

  • Inverter 3-5 kVA.








      Automated Workstations


      Top management automated workstations can be packaged according to technological features of the controlled facilites' network and Client's wishes, thus allowing optimal choice of hardware and software solutions and cost optimization.


      Automated workstations are computers with installed MS Windows, SCADA NPT Expert and MS Office (for report running). 

      APCS server and automated workstation also can be combined in a single computer (for small-scale power facilities).                                                                   


      Different variants are possible for the top level organization: 


        • Combined Server and Automated Workstation;
        • Server and Automated Workstation;
      • Use of LCD panels and videowalls as Automaded Workstations.