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Software package for integrating microprocessor devices


Software for the integration of MP devices can be supplied either as a module complete with SCADA NPT Expert, or independently. The software package allows you to display information from various devices in a single interface without the use of specialized proprietary programs. 

The software package for the integration of MP devices allows you to:

  • integrate information from different RPA devices and organize on its basis a system of remote dispatch control;
  • create a software package for managing digital protections, which allows reducing labor costs associated with configuring, parameterizing and operating digital protections;
  • resolve issues related to the analysis of the correct operation of digital protections in emergency conditions.

The main functions of the module:

  •  registration of starts and trips of protection stages;
  •  interrogation and recording of parameters of relay protection and automation equipment (settings);
  •  registration of emergency events;
  • registration of oscillograms of emergency processes from different microprocessor devices;
  • remote control of switching equipment;
  • interrogation of the state of switching equipment;
  • registration of steady-state analog parameters;
  • logical processing to analyze the protection;
  • data processing and workflow;
  • data exchange with other automation systems through standard IEC protocols and OPC technology.







SCADA NPT Expert implements a module for presenting data on devices integrated in automatic process control systems. This solution allows staff to monitor and control the operation of devices of various manufacturers within a single interface.