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LLC EnergyindustryAutomatization  is a system integrator output Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric - worldwide company in the field of electricity, which offers integrated solutions for key market segments: civil and residential construction, industrial, energy and infrastructure, data centers and networks.


LLC EnergopromAvtomatizaciya as system integrator of products of Schneider Electric in the decisions most often uses multifunction watthourmeters ION 8600 and ION 6200.






The PowerLogic ION6200 meter offers outstanding quality, versatility and functionality in a low-cost, ultra-compact unit. The meter is simple to use and offers a big, bright LED display for superior readability in poor lighting conditions.
  Complete with four-quadrant power, demand, energy, power factor and frequency measurements, the ION6200 meter is available in a variety of flexible configurations including ANSI and Measurement Canada certification for use as a revenue meter. This versatile unit is easy to wire and mount. It offers an excellent upgrade path, allowing you to start with a low-cost base model and add enhanced functionality over the long term.

The ION6200 is the industry’s first basic meter that lets you upgrade functionality in the field by activating the base unit. Rather than carry a large inventory of pre-configured meters, genset and electrical equipment manufacturers, panel shops, EMS manufacturers and energy service providers can each adapt meter functionality to specific applications, as required.



Applications summary

• Revenue metering and sub-metering. The low cost and highly accurate ION6200 meter with optional revenue certification and simple retrofit installation provides economical power monitoring for commercial and residential tenants. The meter easily integrates with existing energy management systems and RTUs, and allows you to increase property values by eliminating previously uncontrolled expenses.

• Replace multiple analog meters. An ideal replacement for analog meters, the ION6200 meter can be used for stand-alone metering in custom panels, switchboards, switchgear, gensets, motor control centers and UPS systems.

• Basic metering. The ION6200 meter offers high-accuracy power, energy and demand measurements. These revenue-accurate values can be used for bill verification, monitoring backup power for critical systems and cost effective energy solutions.

• Cost allocation. Perfect for monitoring right down to the tool level, the ION6200 meter can help monitor cost centers, identify opportunities for demand control and check energy consumption patterns. Revenue certification is available if required.

• Substation monitoring. A megawatt and kilovolt readings option is available for high-voltage applications.




• Simple retrofit
• Low initial investment that can still meet future needs
• Retrofitable upgrades add functionality as required

Ease of use
• Fast setup via display or software
• Free configuration software
• Bright, easy to read LED display

Revenue certification
• ANSI and Measurement Canada options
• Factory-sealed version available in Canada

• RS-485 port
• Modbus RTU for integration with energy management systems

Management systems
• ION® compatible protocol for use with PowerLogic ION Enterprise® software

Pulse outputs
• 2 outputs for kWh, kVARh or kVAh pulsing

Patented ION technology
A modular, flexible architecture that offers extensive user programmability.
• Uniquely addresses complex monitoring and control applications
• Adapts to changing needs, avoiding obsolescence

Base unit:

 Physical configurations
• Integrated models have a built-in display and fit in an ANSI 10cm (4") and DIN 96 cutout
• Transducer (TRAN) models have no display and can be fastened to a flat surface with a 10cm (4") ANSI bolt pattern or mounted to a DIN rail. A remote display module (RMD) can be ordered for the TRAN and mounted through an ANSI 10cm (4") and DIN 96 cutout. A 4.3m (14ft) cable is standard with this option.

Front panel display
Bright LED display with twelve 19mm (3/4") high digits
• Displays all basic power parameters
• Easy setup for common configuration parameters
• Password protection on setup parameters
• Password protection for demand reset

Pulse outputs
• Optional kWh, kVARh and/or kVAh pulsing via two Form A outputs

• Optional RS-485 port with standard Modbus® RTU and ION compatible protocol
• Baud rates from 1,200bps to 19,200bps

Plug-in power supplies
• 100 to 240Vac (50 to 60Hz)/110 to 300Vdc
• Optional 20 to 60DC (±10%)
• Optional 480Vac (60Hz)


• 64 samples/cycle
• IEC 60687 class 0.5 accuracy
• ANSI C12.20 0.5 compliant
• Four-quadrant energy and demand
• 49 real-time, true RMS electrical parameters
• Per phase voltage, current, peak current demand, watts, VARs, kWh and more*
• Neutral current, THD, frequency, power factor and more
• Megawatt option measures in MW and kV Specifications


• Voltage: L-N 0.3% reading, L-L 0.5% reading
• Frequency: ±0.1Hz
• Current: u ≥5% of full scale: 0.3% reading u <5% of full scale: 0.3% reading + 0.05% full scale u I4 derivation: 0.6% reading + 0.05% full scale
• Power factor: 1.0% reading
• Total harmonic distortion (THD): ±1.0%
• Power and energy measurements: u (kW, kVA, kVAR, kWh, kVAh, kVARh). Complies with IEC 60687 Class 0.5 and ANSI 12.20 Class 0.5 (0.5% reading)

Environmental conditions
• Operating temp: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
• Storage: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
• Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing

Installation and input ratings
• 64 samples/cycle true RMS
• Autoranging voltage inputs allow direct connection to 400/690Vac systems (the meter is calibrated for 60 to 400Vac L-N connections)
• Supports Direct 4-Wire Wye, 3-Wire Wye, 3-Wire Delta, Direct Delta and single-phase configurations
• 3-phase voltage and current inputs
• Impedance: 2MΩ/phase
• Burden: 0.05VA (typical) @ 5A RMS
• 5A nominal/10A full scale/20% overrange full accuracy
• Current overload rating 120A for 1sec
• Standard terminal strip covers

Dimensions and shipping
• Basic unit installed depth: 106.7 x 106.7 x 40.6mm (4.2" x 4.2" x 1.6")
• Remote display: 106.7 x 106.7 x 22.9mm (4.2" x 4.2" x 0.9")
• Shipping weight: 0.68kg (1.5lb)

• Download free ION Setup™ configuration software from our web site
• Integrate the ION6200 into PowerLogic ION Enterprise, our monitoring, analysis and control software 







    ION 8600







    Providing high accuracy metering with a wide range of capabilities, the PowerLogic® ION8600 meter is the most advanced socket-based energy and power quality meter. Used to monitor network inter-ties, substations, and service entrances, the PowerLogic ION8600 meter is ideal for applications that need to accurately measure energy bidirectionally in all four quadrants. These meters give utilities the tools to manage complex energy supply contracts that include commitments to power quality. Integrate them with PowerLogic® ION Enterprise® software, or other energy management and SCADA systems, through multiple communication channels and protocols.





    Mounting options


    Meter is available in socket or switchboard form factors. Socket meters fit S-Base meter sockets and A-to-S Base adapters; supported Form factors include 9S, 35S, 36S, 39S, and 76S. Switchboard meters eliminate need for shorting blocks; they


    may be ordered with an optional breakout panel that provides easy access to onboard I/O and communications connections.




    Circuit and control power connections


    Meter has 3 voltage and 3 current inputs (optional 4th current input) compatible with 4-wire Wye, 3-wire Wye, 3-wire Delta, and single-phase systems. Direct connect ANSI socket mount 9S, 39S, 36S and 76S systems up to 277 V ac line-toneutral, or a 35S system up to 480 V ac line-to-line. Meter can be powered by the voltage source being monitored or from an auxiliary power pigtail.



    Front panel


    View system data or configure meter settings. The bright, easy-to-read, backlit LCD screen with adjustable contrast provides easy viewing in poor lighting conditions. Multiple programmable screens display all metered data including


    numeric values, timestamped values, harmonics histograms, phasor diagrams and name plate data. Navigation buttons move between display screens and aid basic setup procedures. Protected (sealable) buttons and switches provide access for


    advanced meter configuration, such as meter resets. An ANSI Type II optical serial port facilitates infrared communication with the device. Two LED pulse indicators with corresponding infrared pulsers are preconfigured for energy pulsing.




    Power and energy measurements


    High-accuracy (1-second), high-speed (1/2-cycle) true RMS 3-phase operational measurements for each phase (per phase) and all phases (total).



    Power quality


    Power quality compliance monitoring for international quality-of-supply standards plus specific data for localized and custom compliance agreements and network connection requirements.


    Analyze problems and avoid interruptions. Detect, record and report the specifics of voltage or current imbalances and loss, frequency/power factor variations, overand under-voltages.


    - Sags/swells (all models): Monitor voltage waveforms for sags and swells (i.e. ITI (CBEMA) Type 2 and Type 3 disturbances); report on each disturbance’s magnitude and duration. Detect sub-disturbances during a sag/swell event.


    - Harmonics (all models): Individual harmonics up to the 63rd, K factor and Total Harmonics Distortion (THD).


    - Harmonics (ION8600A): Voltage and current magnitude, phase and interharmonics in accordance with IEC 61000-4-7 (up to the 40th).


    - Transient capture (ION8600A): Monitor voltage waveforms for transient activity (i.e. ITI (CBEMA) Type 1 disturbances) to 65 μs at 60 Hz (78 μs at 50 Hz).


    - Waveform capture (ION8600A): Selectable waveform recording resolution from 16 samples/cycle to 256 samples/cycle (800 Hz to 51 kHz). Back-to-back waveform recording allows for extended captures.


    - EN50160, IEEE 519 and IEEE 1159 (ION8600A): Monitor compliance with parameters for these international quality-of-supply standards.



    Digital and analog inputs and outputs


    Onboard meter I/O includes four Form C digital outputs and three Form A digital inputs for a variety of applications, such as energy pulsing, control, energy counting, status monitoring, and analog interface to SCADA.




    Optional I/O Expander


    The I/O Expander equips an ION meter with eight digital inputs, four Form A digital outputs, and four Form C digital outputs, or four analog outputs in place of the four Form A digital outputs. The I/O Expander also provides a convenient location for the meter’s RS-232 and RS-485 communications wiring. Meter operation remains unaffected during installation and configuration of the I/O Expander.




    Data and event logging


    The ION8600 ships with a comprehensive data-logging configuration. Data is prioritized and stored onboard in non-volatile memory to eliminate data gaps in the event of outages or server downtime. Dial-out capability when memory is near full;


    data push capability through SMTP (email). Retrieved data is stored in an ODBCcompliant database when using PowerLogic ION Enterprise software. Logging capacity is available in 2 MB, 4 MB and 10 MB configurations. The meter has data recorders for revenue, losses, historic data, harmonics, waveforms, power system data, sags/swells, transients, and event parameters.




    Multiple tariffs & time-of-use (TOU) calculations


    20-year calendar with automatic leap-year and seasonal adjustments and clock synchronization over communications channel or GPS supports active, reactive, and apparent energy and demand. TOU configured for 4 seasons, 5 daily profiles per season, and 4 rate periods per daily profile. Automatic mid-season rate change. Automatic recording of maximum (peak) demand during each tariff period.




    IRIG-B time synchronization option


    IRIG-B is the industry standard for GPS time synchronization. IRIG-B applications include power quality monitoring and sequence of events recording, highly accurate timestamping for revenue billing (1 ms), and system stability monitoring.




    Alarm and control


    Each meter has 65 setpoints configurable for 1-second or Ѕ -cycle operation. Setpoint on any parameter or condition. Use them to trigger audible and visible alarms, data logging, waveform recording, relays, and other control and reset







    The meters offer multi-port access that provides secure, simultaneous data sharing with utility systems and customers directly at the hardware level using a choice of


    communication standards and protocols


    Itron software support


    The meters are fully compatible with Itron software platforms including MV-90, MVP, MVRS, MVLT and MVCOMM, and offer a direct Ethernet connection to MV-90.




    Software integration


    Integrate within PowerLogic facility-level or enterprise-wide power and energy management systems. Real-time data and data logs stored onboard can be automatically retrieved on a scheduled basis for analysis at the system level.


    Compatible with PowerLogic ION Enterprise software. Modbus compatibility and register-based logged data supports integration and data access by building automation, SCADA and other third-party systems.




    Special features


    Downloadable firmware: update your meters with the latest features by simply downloading them from www.powerlogic.com.