SCADA Studio



Software for designing next-generation substations


The appearance of new international standards and information technologies can solve a whole new level task of design of substation automation system. This decision is based primarily on the use of IEC 61850, because it regulates matters of formalizing the description of the substation circuits, protection circuits, automation and measurement, the device configuration.

The company «EnergyindustryAutomatization» developed a system for design automation of power facilities - SCADA Studio based on IEC open standards.  This system can be used at all stages of the design of secondary systems, Substations.

 Thanks to new design technologies, all equipment is covered by a single, easy formalized the information environment.  As a result the process of creating the project is optimizing, labor and time costs are reduced.

The software products for design automation of a next generation substations:


1. SCADAStudio. Limited Edition

 This software is offered as a test version of the system.  This version is designed for self-review on interface of the system and the work of the single line diagrams editor (with creation of the SSD file) by specialists of design organizations.

The design stage includes:

    •  Distribution of logical nodes on the elements of single-line diagram of the power facility;
    •  Create relationship between logical nodes attached to the single-line diagram and logic units implemented in intelligent electronic devices;

    • Export of the substation description as SSD file in accordance with IEC 61850.

    Интерфейс системы SCADA Studio Limited Edition


     2. SCADA Studio. ICDManager

    This software module is designed for companies involved in the development of microprocessor devices based on the IEC 61850 standard, and this software allows you to create a device configuration file (ICD).


    ICDManager includes the following features:


     - import and export of  ICD files;

     - version control of ICD files; 

    - edit of ICD files:

     - Add of private data;

     - Add of services;

     - Add of logic devices and logic units;

     - Add of data objects;

     - Add of data attribute;

     - Creation of data sets (Data Set);

     - Creation of control blocks of reports generation (Report Control Block);

     - Creation of control blocks of GSE-messaging (GSE Control Block);

     - Creation of control blocks of sample values ​​(SMV Control Block);

     - Creation of control blocks of logs (Log Control Bloc).

    ln.jpg       ld_1.jpg  



    The license is designed for installation on an unlimited number of workplaces.


      3. SCADA Studio. Pro Edition

     The software product SCADA Studio.  Pro Edition is designed for manufacturers of intelligent electronic devices, design institutes, system integrators and other organizations involved in building automation systems in accordance with IEC 61850.


    Main features of the software:

    - Creating a single-line diagram of the substation according to IEC 61850-6, the export definition file substation SSD; 

     - Distribution of logical nodes on the elements of single-line diagram power facility; 

     - Creation of the project database from the ICD files; 

     - Connecting to the design of the intelligent electronic devices;

    - Creation of the relationship between logical nodes attached to the single line diagram, and the nodes implemented in the intelligent electronic devices;

     - Set up of the relationship between intelligent electronic devices via GOOSE and SV-messages; 

     - Export of the substation configuration file as a SCD file in accordance with IEC 61850; 

     - Export of the device configuration files as CID files in accordance with IEC 61850; 

     - Creating of the distributed logic based on the IEC 61131; 

     - Test of the algorithms for a distributed logic with varying detail degrees; 

     - Comprehensive testing of the entire automation system with the use of simulators;

    - Load simulation on the LAN.


      Интерфейс системы SCADA Studio - Моделирование нагрузки на вычислительную сеть



      The advantages of the system design SCADA Studio. ProEdition are the following:  

       - Supports all types of output files of IEC 61850-6, including device description files  (ICD and CID), substation single-line diagram files (SSD), the configuration files of the object (SCD);

       - Ability to customize the relationship between the devices via IEC 61850-8-1 (GOOSE), including automatic data sets;

       - Export data to CIM-RDF format for integration into CIM power system model;

       - Ability to integrate with existing CAD systems such as AutoCAD and MS Visio;

       - Built-in logic editor in IEC 61131; 

       - Creation of the signal table (MS Ecxel) from the SCD file;

       - Modular design that allows you to extend the functionality of the system; 

       - Russian interface.

        License SCADA Studio is designed for installation on 5 workplaces.


      And more information about the SCADA-system from the «EnergyindustryAutomatization»  

      •  LLC «EnergyindustryAutomatization» developed the design automated system -  SCADA Studio with the requirements of IEC 61850;
      •  SCADA Studio is suitable for design of automation systems supporting the IEC 61850 standard, regardless of the choice of the equipment supplier;
      •  SCADA Studio can flexible test the automation system at the stage of the design;
      •  SCADA Studio allows you to export the configuration on the device emulators, to conduct the necessary tests, and maintains a system of local debugging of individual algorithms or group of algorithms.



      Taking into account the needs of the customer, we are constantly improving the program by offering new services and additional modules for more productive and comfortable work.


      Pre-start sales of developed software products for the automated design of a next-generation substations will start in August 2012.