SCADA Studio

SCADA Studio is a modular software product that is a unified platform for parameterizing and setting up automation systems of varying complexity: from a telemechanics system of a complete transformer substation to a dispatch control system for an energy district based on international standards IEC 61850, IEC 61970, IEC 61131.

Картинки по запросу SCADAStudio


Depending on the composition of the modules, SCADA Studio is supplied in the following modifications:

  1. Configuration tool for the NPT Expert PTC. From the lower level to the upper level database:
    1. Computer-aided design SCADA Studio - NPT controller configurator.
    2. Computer-aided design SCADA Studio - Database configurator.
  2. Computer-aided design system SCADA Studio - SCADA Compact Configurator. Parameterization system for SCADA NPT Compact product.
  3. Computer-aided design system SCADA Studio - SCL / CIM Configurator. Parameterization system in standards IEC 61850-6 (SCL) and IEC 61968/61970 (CIM).
  4. Computer-aided design SCADA Studio - Device simulator. Parameterization system for the simulator of devices operating in accordance with IEC 61850.