SCADA NPT Oscl  may be supplied separately or together with  SCADA NPT Expert.


SCADA NPT Oscl  includes the following components:

1. Software solutions for automation of acquisition and processing of emergency data on an upper level server;

2.  Software for automation of emergency data processing on a workstation ( Looker software).


Functions of server-based emergency data processing:

    • connection of separate oscillogrammes into integral emergency processes basing on common time interval;
    • translation of emergency process oscillogrammes from microprocessor devices without support of standard formats into universal COMTRADE format;
    • organization of longterm backup log of emergency processes at the facility;
    • indication of protection actuation sequence, blinkers, switching gear actuation and other discrete signals on the oscillogramme;
    • automatic separation of data into frames according to pre-set criteria provided by User. One frame contains physically interconnected values;
    • preparation and backup of an emergency file for transmission to the upper level of dispatcher control.


Functionality of Looker oscillogramme viewer:

    • browsing of oscillogrammes from SAS backup;
    • viewing of COMTRADE files;
    • acquisition of additional data from digital protection and other external devices from the SAS backup;
    • mathematical analysis of the oscilogrammes (effective values, phase-sequence components, spectral analysis, etc.);
  • export of oscillogrammes from the SAS backup into COMTRADE-formatted files;
    • multiwindow interface (simultanious representation of oscillogrammes in several frames);
    • overview frame for express analysis of emergency process as a whole and fast tracking of the emergency;
    • express overview of emergency escalation area through the facility (list of connections, equipment, signals engaged in the emergency situation);
    • wide range of instruments for document editing (color, marker, lines, text, labels, arrows, etc.), allowing user to simplify oscillogramme analysis;
    • personalized configuration of the viewer;
  • preparation and backup of an emergency file for transmission to the upper level of dispatcher control.