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Software package for viewing emergency information


Software package for viewing emergency information from MP devices can be supplied as a module as part of SCADA NPT Expert, or independently. Complex includes the following components:

1. Software to automate the process of collecting and processing emergency information on a top-level server;

2. Software for presenting data on a workstation.


The software package performs the following functions:


  • exchange of information using an automated hierarchical system for collecting and viewing emergency information;
  • synchronization of System components;
  • combining on the server individual waveforms from devices of different manufacturers in a single emergency process based on a common time interval;
  • work with COMTRADE format of various modifications; Transcoding waveforms of emergency processes from microprocessor devices that do not support standard formats into the universal COMTRADE format;
  • maintaining a long-term archive of emergency processes; - obtaining additional information from digital protection and other external devices from the archive of process control systems. 


At workstations, the following features are implemented:

  • display of oscillograms of emergency processes within the framework of one emergency process with a different step of oscillography;
  • express analysis of the emergency process;
  • the presence of a survey frame for express analysis of the entire emergency process and rapid movement through the accident;
  • express review of the accident propagation zone at the facility;
  • the ability to display on the waveform the sequence of operation of protections, blinkers, switching equipment and other discrete signals (in the case of delivery with SCADA NPT Expert);
  • automatic breakdown into frames according to criteria predefined by the user of the program. Information from physically related quantities, for example, 3 phases of currents and 3 phases of voltages on connections, gets into one frame;
  •  the ability to save the accident in the user archive on the workstation with various comments;
  • multi-window interface that displays waveforms in several frames simultaneously;
  • wide range of tools for preparing a document for printing (color, lines, texts, labels, arrows, etc.), allowing the user to automate the process of analyzing waveforms. It is possible to use the preview mode and print waveforms;
  • mathematical analysis of waveforms (effective values, symmetrical components, spectral analysis, etc.).