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SCADA NPT InDev may be supplied separately or together with  SCADA NPT Expert.

SCADA NPT InDev  allows:

  • integration of data from different MP RPA devices and organize remote control system on the basis of this data;
  • creation of a software solution for managing digital protection, thus allowing for cutting labor costs from adjustment, parametrization and operation of digutal protection;
  • solve problems stemmed from validity of operation analysis of digital protection in emergency modes.

 Main functions of the system:

  • registration of startover and actuation of different protection levels;
  • query and record of microprocessor protective relaying and automation device parameters (alarm settings);
  • disturbance recording ;
  • recording of oscilogrammes of disturbances received from different microprocessor devices;
  • switching gear remote control;
  • status poll of the switching gear;
  • recording of analog parameters of a stabilized mode;
  • logical processing for protection analysis;
  • data processing and document flow;
  • data exchange with other automation systems by means of standard IEC protocols and OPC technology.

 Displaying of data from different microprocessor devices in integrated interface without use of vendor-specific viewers.




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