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SCADA NPT Expert Plus


SCADA NPT Expert Plus — software package for automating the area of ​​electric grids within a single control room, capable of managing both a network of power facilities of voltage classes from 0.4 to 35 kV, and large power nodes of voltage classes from 110 kV and above. SCADA NPT Expert Plus complex provides the creation of reliable and effective control tools that meet the requirements of modern intelligent energy systems and actively adaptive grids (Smart Grid).

NPT Expert Plus software and hardware complex provides monitoring and control from the dispatch center of EGA  (electric grid areas) by a network of energy facilities operating in a mode without permanent attendants. It is possible to expand the control network by including new facilities in it.


  • combines information from objects of various voltage classes;
  • modular principle of building a system;
  • using a common information model (CIM) to describe the system;
  • scalability of the system at any level;
  • flexible pricing policy;
  • construction of the system is carried out with the maximum regard for the characteristics of the object;
  • providing technical support in a short time;
  • intuitive interface with extensive features for self-tuning;
  • built-in mnemonic editor.




Additional modules  of SCADA NPT Expert Plus^

Advanced functions of SCADA NPT Expert Plus are realized through special calculation modules oriented to solving operational and non-operational technological problems for electrically connected power systems. All calculation modules are based on the presentation of information using the CIM model.

Each module is developed using intelligent algorithms for analyzing the status of electrical equipment and the modes of a controlled power grid as a whole. The composition of these modules is optimized in accordance with the operational dispatch tasks of the control level of a group of power grid facilities and is presented:

✔ support module for automated switching forms;

✔ module of logical processing of information;

✔ topological analysis module;

✔ module for calculating modes;

✔ decision support module;

✔ state assessment module;

✔ module for certification of equipment and integration with corporate systems.

Dispatch management of a network of power facilities places high demands on the amount of information provided to the user. The availability of passport information on the main equipment in the control system interface helps to increase the speed and quality of decisions. The implementation of switching forms for network objects reduces labor costs and reduces pprobability of personnel errors.

Additional protection against incorrect actions is provided by the presence of topological interlocks based on CIM model data and topological analysis algorithms, which provide simple and safe maintenance of the electric network circuit. The implementation of modern automation systems is a key step in the transition to Smart Grid.



Main functions of SCADA NPT Expert Plus:

  • Data collection and information transfer to the control room;
  • Providing control from a remote dispatch center by the operating modes of a group of power facilities, taking into account the separation of responsibility zones and priorities for transferring control rights between different dispatch centers;
  • Display summary information about the normal operation of energy facilities throughout the network as a whole in a single interface;
  • Alarm about an emergency at any of the objects;
  • View current measurements and the state of the main circuits for each substation of the controlled network at the user's request in a predetermined graphical form and at any time;
  • Viewing and analyzing oscillograms of emergency processes from various microprocessor devices of any objects of the unified network, generating an express report about accident;
  • Remote control of switching equipment of all substations of a single network;
  • Processing and archiving of all received data with the creation of a single archive of access to information both throughout the network as a whole, and for each of the substations separately;
  • Centralized control from a dispatch center using technologies of intelligent analysis and forecasting of grid status;
  • Creation of structured mnemonic diagrams and reporting forms;
  • Organization of a hierarchical management system.

Common Information Model (CIM)

All SCADA NPT Expert Plus modules are based on a common information model (CIM). CIM was created as a universal way of describing power systems, which can be used in various applications of EMS, DMS and others. Such applications include mode calculation, condition assessment, control of basic equipment, etc.

The problem of information compatibility and system integration is one of the key problems faced by IT leaders in implementing a digital transformation strategy. The presence of a large number of systems of various manufacturers with closed internal database models often cast doubt on the feasibility and economic feasibility of such integration.

At the same time, storage, cataloging and use of data in a universal format in accordance with the CIM standard will allow creating a unified information space for electric power systems, eliminating data heterogeneity and improving the quality of information about equipment, as well as solving issues of integration of software systems performed by independent manufacturers.

SCADA NPT Expert Plus utility software is a complex of engineering software