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Диплом Финлэндинг

Finlanding - "Helsinki-center" in St. Petersburg

Energopromavtomatizaciya LLC became one of the winners of  contest for participation in the  Finlanding program



FSK-EES OJSC - Middle Volga PMES: Ruzayevka 220 kV substation

EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC completed the implementation of APCS at Ruzaevka 220 kV substation. The NPT Expert software and hardware complex complies with all modern requirements for use of integrated microprocessor equipment. Complicated adjustment of a four-section 10 kV indoor switchgear consisting of at least 60 cells was conducted. The results of the works performed demonstrate high professionalism of employees of EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC, their constructive approach to solving non-standard technical tasks, and modern and high quality implementation of the entire volume of work.

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EnergoStroy - M.N. OJSC Grozny 330 kV substation 

EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC proved itself a reliable, experienced, and responsible Supplier and Contractor during the extension of Grozny 330 kV substation. EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC delivered equipment, carried out installation and adjustment supervision, as well as adjustment of an information system for collection and transmission of emergency information and time synchronization of microprocessor devices. High level of professionalism and skills of the employees of EnergopromAvtomatizatsiya LLC allowed to perform the above work much earlier than planned.

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Branch of FSK-EES OJSC - Samara MPTL: Levoberezhnaya 220 kV substation

EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC performed delivery, installation and adjustment supervision of APCS equipment. Introduced NPT Expert software and hardware complex allows for a continuous collection and display of the required information on the current mode of operation of the facility that uses 220 kV open distribution devices and 110 kV GIS of various types. The software and hardware complex of the APCS at Levoberezhnaya 220 kV substation is implemented on the basis of modern microprocessor equipment: bay controllers integrated according to the data transfer protocol IEC 61850. Proposed solution provides full control and diagnostics of the terminals of microprocessor relay protection and automation devices.




JSC Russian Grids: participation in the 2nd UPGrid 2013 International Energy Forum: “Power-Supply Network Complex.” Innovations. Development

JSC Russian Grids expressed its appreciation to EnergopromAvtomatizatsiya LLC for its active participation in the 2nd UPGrid 2013 International Energy Forum: “Power-Supply Network Complex. Innovations. Development.”



Branch of FSK-EES OJSC - Middle Volga MPTL

Middle Volga MPTL, which is a branch of FSK EES OJSC, expressed gratitude to the personnel of EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC for long-term cooperation, professionalism, and high level of responsibility in the course of commissioning and maintenance of software and hardware systems of automated process control systems.





Kazan State Power Engineering University Federal Government Budgetary Higher Vocational Educational Institution: “Digital Automation and Control Systems” training program

EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC has organized training of students of the “Digital Automation and Control Systems” training program under the Presidential Program of Engineering Personnel Training.




Electric Power Industry of Croatia: Sisak-S thermal power plant

EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC has performed development of detail engineering design documents for and delivery of the Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment terminal synchronization system at Sisak-S thermal power plant (Croatia). The next project implementation stage includes supervised installation and commissioning. 



Naryan-Mar Power Plant SUE NJSC: Naryan-Mar Power Plant

The APCS at Naryan-Mar Power Plant was commissioned in 2012. Introduced system is based on SCADA NPT Expert and allows solving issues related to production and technological management, operational management of 6 kV main switchgear, control of energy consumption, as well as diagnostics of the condition of the main equipment. All the equipment that is necessary for implementation of the project has been delivered to the facility according to the schedule. Integrated system devices include: Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment and Emergency Registration terminals (Schneider Electric SA); a microprocessor complex of Emergency Control Automatics (Bresler IC); and a TM server (Energoservis IC).



 Kvadra OJSC: Novomoskovskaya state district power station

System for collection and transmission of emergency information and time synchronization of microprocessor devices was commissioned for operational testing in April 2013. Introduced system allows collection, archiving, and display of digital and analog data from the devices integrated into the MT system, as well as receipt, processing, and provision of the user with fault recordings fixed by Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment terminals within a single interface. The integrated system of Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment terminals include: devices manufactured by EKRA NPP LLC (protocol IEC 60870-5-104), General Electric (protocol Modbus), Siemens (protocol IEC 61850).


Lenenergo OJSC: 35/10 kV SS No. 40 CPDS

APCS at 35 kV SS No. 40 (CC of Kirishsky DZ) was put into experimental operation in October 2012. The system is based on the application of SCADA NPT Expert and NPT RTU data acquisition and processing device. The onsite SYSTEL telemechanics system has been also integrated in accordance to IEC 60870-5-104.



Branch of FGC UES OJSC – MES South: 500 kV Rostovskaya SS

APCS at 500 kV Rostovskaya SS was put into commercial operation in 2012. A developed and installed system based on SCADA NPT Expert and SPRECON-EC controllers made it possible to integrate relay protection and automatic equipment, signaling equipment and microprocessor units of leading Russian and European manufacturers, such as RPE EKRA LLC, ABB (Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.), RC Bresler LLC, RADIUS Automation CJSC, Prosoft Systems LLC, Areva (France), Reinhausen (Germany), SATEC Ltd. (Israel). All work was carried out on schedule in full compliance with the Customer requirements.





Branch of FGC UES OJSC – MES of Volga: 220 kV Levoberezhnaya SS

«EnergyindustryAutomatization» OJSC completed work on setup of the automated process control system (APCS) equipment at the construction project «220 kV Levoberezhnaya SS Renovation». RPA MP of RPE EKRA LLC, Satec multifunctional meters, emergency control automatics, utility systems etc. represent the equipment integrated in the APCS software and hardware suite. All work was carried out on schedule.



TGC-1 OJSC - South TPP-22

6 kV SCG RPA LMS at power generation plant No. 4 of South TPP was put into experimental operation in August 2012. The decision was based on the application of SCADA InDev complex and allowed to integrate ABB and RPE PROEL microprocessor units into 6 kV SCG RPA LMS. The system enables you to browse the information from the RPA MP in a single interface at the automated workstation receiving information about the normal and emergency modes of 6 kV SCG equipment. The software and hardware suite provides remote reading and editing of the RPA MP unit settings, operational control over the condition and serviceability of the microprocessor-based hardware, maintenance of common-timing system in the suite. Oscillogram automatic reading off SPAC 810 terminal MP was also implemented in the system.


 110 kV «Kirovskaya»

DATS (Data Acquisition and Transmission system) was put into commercial operation in late 2011. Substation  110 kV «Kirovskaya» -  the oldest city substation was commissioned in 1929 and provides power supply to Tula ( the largest area and population city) consumers. Data Acquisition and Transmission system installed at the site is highly reliable and allows to the acquisition and transmission of technological information to the upper levels of supervisory control of ES-Tula, RDO (Regional Dispatcher office), NCC ( Network Control Center).


 № 159

Substation № 159 SAS of the JSC «Lenenergo» branch was put into commercial operation in 2012. LLC «EnergyIndustryAutomatization» specialists developed a solution that allows you to integrate microprocessor devices of different manufacturers into the SAS, and allows you to see the incoming information from the MP RPA in a single interface on the workstation.



Substation  110 kV «Laura»

 Data Acquisition and Transmission system was put into commercial operation in 2011. 110 kV «Laura» is not only the next generation substation, but also the Olympic facility that supply the Sochi region consumers. In its construction were used the most recent innovations, one of which was our company introduction of the  data acquisition and transmission system based on SCADA NPT Expert and Satec SA 330 bay controllers .




Substation  110 kV «Rose Hutor»

LLC «EnergyIndustryAutomatization» specialists developed an integrated automated control system based on SCADA NPT Expert and Satec SA330 bay controllers. The proposed construction of software and hardware complex of data acquisition and transmission system allows us to solve the problem of system reliability with significantly reduce of the solution cost through the implementation in one  multifunction device functions previously performed by stand-alone subsystem. Today, «Rose Hutor» provides a reliable power supply of built Winter 2014 Olympic objects. This new type substation is an indoor equipment placement.



Substation   «Severnaya» (Lipetsk)

LLC EnergyIndustryAutomatization made an introduction of 220 kV «Severnaya» (Lipetsk) SAS. Hardware and software complex was developed based on the SCADA NPT Expert and Satec SA 330 bay controllers. Hardware and software complex provides all the necessary information functions: monitoring, control, signaling, storage and transmission of data, and a control function of substation power equipment. SCADA-system data is transmitted to the Lipetsk region RDO. The developed SAS meets all requirements of JSC «UES FGC», which was confirmed by a test report of the complex at the substation.



Substation   110/10/6 kW «R-28» and «R-8»

110/10/6 kV «R-28» SAS and «R-8» SAS were put into commercial operation in June 2009. At these facilities have been implemented the operational lock unit, produced by our company. 110/10/6 kW «R-28» and «R-8» have provided electric power to consumers; have reduced the energy load on the 110/10/6 kV «R-8» and  haveincreased supply security in the Zheleznodorozhniy and Sovetskiy areas of Rostov- on-Don.



Substation  «Vologodskaya»

500 kV «Vologodskaya» SAS was put into commercial operation in March 2010.  Designed APCS  hardware and software complex for the  substation 500 kV «Vologodskaya» is based on SCADA NPT Expert. This hardware and software complex allowed to integrate the different automation tools into a single control system, which provides the required reliability level and an equipment efficiency in all substation operation modes.



JSC «Kaliningradskaya CHP-2»

SCADA-RPA Kaliningradskaya CHP-2 - was put into commercial operation in April 2008. At this facility The SCADA NPT Expert implementation, that solve the task of fault data acquisition and transmission from the  relay protection of  station electrical part  was completed. SCADA NPT Expert have allowed to display information from the different manufacturers devices:  the research-and-production enterprise EKRA station protection relay (34 pcs.), and research and development centre «Mekhanotronika»  BMRZ protection relay (114 pcs.). The new system has also solved the task of fault data transmission from the MP devices.



Substation  «Veshkayma»

500 kV «Veshkayma» SAS was put into commercial operation in August 2010.  Substation 500 kV «Veshkayma» features a large variety of microprocessor-based devices, including IEDs RPA (produced by JSC «RADIUS Automation», research-and-production enterprise «EKRA», «ABB» etc.), the fault location device IMF-3R (JSC «RADIUS Automatic»), the ECA MKPA devices (LLC «Prosoft-Systems», etc.). Information from all across dissimilar hardware has been integrated by LLC «EnergyIndustryAutomatization» into a single SAS  software and hardware complex.



Substation  «Klyuchiki»

500 kV «Klyuchiki» SAS was put into commercial operation in August 2010. Specialists have integrated equipment of various domestic (research-and-production enterprise «EKRA», JSC «RADIUS Automation», LLC «Prosoft-Systems», etc.) and foreign («ABB», «Shneider Electric», etc.) manufacturers in this SAS system.