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30.07.2020 21:52

GC ''EnergopromAvtomatizatciya'' has released an updated version of the automated design system for substations SCADA Studio - Configurator SCL / CIM


SCADA Studio is a modular software product that is a unified platform for parameterizing and setting up automation systems of varying complexity: from the telemechanics system of a complete transformer substation to the dispatch control system of the power district.

SCADA Studio module - SCL / CIM Configurator is a System Configurator designed for computer-aided design of communication networks and substation systems (including digital) in accordance with the IEC 61850-6 (SCL) and IEC 61970 (CIM) standards.

The SCL / CIM Configurator allows you to design a turnkey substation using all the capabilities formulated in the IEC 61850-6 (SCL) standard, as well as to link the substation to a common power system information model in accordance with IEC 61970 (CIM).

The updated system has the following advantages over the previous version:

    • Enhanced Common Information Model (CIM) support:
    • the function of importing the information model has become available not only from the RDF / XML file, but also download directly from the information platform NPT Platform, which is based on CIM;
    •  the function of linking the designed single-line diagram to the CIM power system model became available with the ability to export the harmonized SCL / CIM description.


                                    Linking  schema to the CIM

Binding of projected substations to GIS: for a more visual presentation of information about objects, a workspace "Map" was added, which allows you to display information on the projected objects on the map with reference to geographic coordinates.


Substation location display

  • Simulation of the behavior of the IED: the new version of the program added support for configuring the simulator of intelligent electronic devices (IED).

The simulator allows you to simulate the operation algorithms of the IED of the connection level and the level of the process, allowing it to act as relay protection devices, APCS, emergency automation.

The presence of the function of setting the emulator of the real-time IED behavior allows testing automated control systems, performing acceptance tests without the need for physical IEDs at the test site.


Debug window after startup

Thus, after the release of a new version of the software, the computer-aided design SCADA Studio has become even more convenient to use, the display of information about objects has become more visual, the functionality of the system as a whole has significantly increased.