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ADS based on HIGH-LEIT SCADA system

ADS (automated dispatch system), offered by EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC, is a unique innovative product developed on the basis of HIGH-LEIT SCADA system produced by IDS GmbH, which concluded bilateral exclusive distribution contract with EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC. ADS is an integrated automation system, indispensable for "smart city" projects. It allows control of electrical distribution networks, as well as water, heat, and gas supply, comprehensively optimizing all key processes within city utilities.


ADS has a flexible modular structure. It can be adapted to customer requirements by creating an optimal set of functional modules. With regard to the current state of power generation facilities, EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC identifies several categories of solutions which can successfully developed with ADS:

  • Data collection and transmission substations of different voltage classes
  • Energy clusters automation systems;
  • Distribution networks supervisory control systems
  • Situation analysis and operational situation centers.

The main ADS program modules support resources management functions such as:

  • Electricity – topological network analysis, fault location, mode calculation, load forecasting, short circuit calculation, real-time network locking and more
  • Gas – consumption forecasting and optimization, dynamic gas network modeling
  • Water – consumption forecasting, tanks management, leak detection
  • Heating – comprehensive monitoring and management.

In addition to traditional ways of displaying historical information – such as line graphs, histograms, diagrams in a Cartesian coordinate system, and alphanumeric reports in a selectable form, a wide range of filters for event reporting allows the user to quickly and efficiently select the required indicators. Integrated Excel reports are generated for further data analysis and presentation.

System architecture

The decentralized modular structure of an open ADS system ensures free scalability to increase computing power. Hot backup mode is availabe for all components. ADS has a user interface for integration with other systems – such as GIS, plant management business systems, or APCS. For example, ADS can be easily integrated with another product of EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC, MRO IS, which is responsible for assets, maintenance, repair, and operating staff management.

Means of communication:

ADS supports following means and methods of communication:


  • - API
  • - ODBC
  • - OPC
  • - IEC 60870-6/TASE.2
  • - Excel interface, ASCII (CSV) files import/export
  • - DWG files import

- Built-in drivers:

  • - IEC 60870-5-104
  • - Profibus
  • - TG80x

- FEP drivers:

  • - IEC 60870-5-101,103
  • - IEC 61850
  • - others, such as SAT, Siemens, etc.


Object-oriented parameterization

ADS system has all the necessary qualities for quick and easy update, easy modification, and increase of the volume of data being processed. Object-oriented representation allows to visualize all the structures of the workflow in a clear and concise manner. Systems, subsystems, and individual objects can be created, copied, or deleted in accordance with the logic levels and the system hierarchy can be freely configured using an intuitive GUI.

Partilcaure ADS feature is the ability to distribute authorities by different types of resources (electricity, gas, water) or on a territorial basis (different dispatchers can control different network parts). Such capability is indispensable for "smart cities" concept implementation by offering the opportunities to commercialize its services and to expand the energy grid before the creation of energy clusters. Having installed ADS, a company can provide facilities management services to small organizations. Thus, small towns, small generating plants or boilers can install data collection devices and ADS clients to fully control their facilities. This will allow to build both "smart cities" and "smart territories", thus furthering the regions development.

ADS and other innovative software and hardware, including those developed in cooperation with our foreign partners, offerred by EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC help cover all the aspects of urban resources management. EnergopromAvtomatizatciya LLC is ready to implement the relevant projects at various scales: from small area electrical network automation to comprehensive city or energy cluster energy resources automation system.